Our story

Although Paul and Samira started TheTieBank.com in the Chicago suburb of Naperville Illinois with humble beginnings in 2016, TheTieBank.com had its first thought to be created back in 2003. So essentially we have been branding TheTieBank.com for over a decade.

Start of the begining:

Paul and Samira were taking care of Paul’s father Francis, people called dad Frank. Frank has been living with them for about five years at this time in 2003. Frank having diabetes, and going to dialysis 3 times a week, Paul and Samira took care of Frank for 15 years up to his death from diabetes in early 2014 at age 82. Frank was a retired business man from the music industry, having acquaintances in his career with the Jackson 5 before they were known, and other famous bands. Frank had a love for ties. Frank owned thousands of ties over the years. Paul had worn ties his whole life since age 6 , now 52, going to Catholic schools all the way through high school. Paul now has been in the business world wearing ties for over 30 additional years. We know ties. Paul thought that he and his father Frank had a great idea to start TheTieBank.com in 2003, but never did. Years went by. Always thinking and planning to get in TheTieBank.com biz. Both always talking ties. In early 2014 Frank past away at age 82 from diabetes. Since then Paul had many signs to start TheTieBank.com. We figured signs from dad, Frank.

So here we are. Paul and Samira along with their kids Michael, and Hanneh , along with our content marketing specialist. At TheTieBank.com, our mission is to offer a great quality product at an outstanding price, superior customer service with supporting the cure for diabetes in memory of Frank.

We believe that a tie shouldn't cost more than a shirt having only a fraction of the material. It does not make sense? We brand affordable stylish handmade 100% SILK imported ties that do not cost a fortune and are wallet friendly. We are just beginning. But in time, with your valued support, we will expand to more designed stylish tie trends. And just a fact, we sell ties for only $16 bucks. These imported ties are from the same factories that manufacture 80% of the ties in the world. These same ties you will buy for $60 to $100 in the mall and other stores. They may look the same but we do some things in the manufacturing process that makes our ties a better tie. We welcome you to compare. The difference for the price is definitely not the quality. Our quality is superior. The price difference is because we have no so called brick and mortar overhead and pass this drastic savings on to you. And yes, all ties $18 bucks. Seriously.

Bank On Wearing Your Great Tie. Today.
-the TheTieBank.com team